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Ted Ehara (tedehara) wrote:
I've got to make that judgement. You've got to make that judgement. This is a subjective thing that may be a process that some may have to go through. Not because it will give some objective standard that can be used, but because it could help redefine a personal definition of Aikido.
I agree with that except that my original point was that you don't have the frame of reference and therefore it is impossible to judge. I remember once before I was Shodan I was watching a Godan exam by a non-member of Honbu. Immediately afterward he came up to me and asked how he did. I was a bit put out considering my kyu rank but he was clear - you've seen enough. The frame of reference was there. I actually offered several comments one of which was dead wrong and therefore I learned something.

On the other side of the coin, outside of Japan a person specifically told me his rank and said who was I to judge his Aikido. I just remembered the above story. We may be wrong in our judgement but it does, as you say, provide context for our own Aikido training.
It is one thing for a person to be held in high regard and given a title like O Sensei. It is quite another thing to use that title to give an attitude that the founder is a divine being. Once you put someone in a divine or demi-god position, you lose that person's humanity and make their life and teachings harder to relate to.
Not only that - it implies a cult like behaviour which in contrary to where I think the various Aikido organizations want to go.

No idea on the Shoshu. Shochu is a strong rice liqure.

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