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joeysola wrote:
I have been watching all of the replys to this thread and it seems as if most of the replys dance around my question. How does aikido prepare you for an unavoidable fight? I understand Aikido has good defenses against weapons and I respect that, however so do many other martial arts, it is not unique to Aikido. I want to know how Aikido works in a specific senario, one on one, no weapons. If you just ignore the UFC's and look at them to see how Aikido is very limited then you are dilusional and have a suffer from a false sense of security. I will be more specific, What do you do if some one is itting on top of you and is punching at your face? Or what if you have to deal with someone who actual knows how to use combinations in their strikes. Some of you have said that Aikido works very well against multiple attackers, how is that if aikido cannot match up one on one? I am hoping someone can give me a straight answer. And please don't say that these situations would never happen, they do.


Give it up. Ok your skeptical that it will work. Fine!

Budo is Budo nothing more..... nothing less......

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