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Re: Chain Punching.

Chris Gee (Kensai) wrote:
I am sure you guys have been asked this a thousand times.

Having only studied Aikido for nearly a year, I am no professional (lol). So I was wondering how Aikido could deal with this.

So for example, a series of quick snappy strikes delivered similar to a Hsing I, Ba Gua or Wing Chun practioner. I only ask because I have resently been reading Park Bok Nams book on Ba gua. And he was talking about very quick strikes. So would the counter be some variation on Tsuki (sp) attack? With lots of blending?

I promise this is not some trolling thread, I am geniunely interested.

Thanks for your time in advance........
I've been practicing Aikido for almost a year now. I also have some background in jeet-kune-do. To answer your question, I think the best defense for such punches is "kaiten Nage" combined with kokyu nage. Hope this helps.
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