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joeysola wrote:
I have been watching all of the replys to this thread and it seems as if most of the replys dance around my question.
This is not intended to dance around the question, but you may perceive it as such.

How does aikido prepare you for an unavoidable fight?
I've been in plenty of fights, but I don't believe in the unavoidable fight. Aikido is as much about learning HOW to avoid a fight as it is about how to handle a fight once it begins.

Case in point: I (stupidly) allowed someone to kick me in the back and the fight he desired still did not materialize because I had decided and that I would not fight in this situation. He gave up... if he had continued to attack I certainly would have had to defend myself, but he couldn't cope with my refusal to respond to that point. He COULDN'T attack me to my face, and while it was foolish of me to turn my back on him and let him knock me down, he still couldn't handle it when I got up, picked up my things, and still refused to strike him. He wouldn't attack me again.

If you just ignore the UFC's and look at them to see how Aikido is very limited then you are dilusional and have a suffer from a false sense of security.
If you are using UFC as an example of a real fight, then you are easily as delusional. UFC is really all about entertainment.

I will be more specific, What do you do if some one is itting on top of you and is punching at your face?
There are many responses. Kokyu-dosa. Apply kuzushi (balance breaking). Yeah, most people don't practice from this position in Aikido, but when I occasional have cross trained in BJJ or Judo, I've found that the principles (and pins) I've learned in Aikido have taken me a LONG way when moving on the ground.

Or what if you have to deal with someone who actual knows how to use combinations in their strikes.
A combination is simply multiple opportunities for me to apply kuzushi (balance breaking). If I get hit a few times before that, so what? Once kuzushi has been applied with success, the rest of a combination is useless.

The long study for me in Aikido has been learning how to properly apply that kuzushi and all the other issues such as zanshin (total, continual awareness), ma-ai (distance management), posture, and much more are all about getting to that point.

how is that if aikido cannot match up one on one? I am hoping someone can give me a straight answer.
Aikido matches up fine one on one.

And please don't say that these situations would never happen, they do.
So have they happened to you? They have to me when I was young and stupid, but frankly not at all since then.


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