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Mr. Ehara

Is your statement , that anybody's aikido equates to his ability to teach it...?

If you meant so ,and I were to believe it , then i would say YES , there are a few people out there with better aikido than him , Tohei Sensei comes to my mind inmediatly since i think the way he explains the principles of the art and his style of teaching is quite frankly the most complete and easy to grasp in my opinion , particulary when he teaches some alien concepts like KI , to us westerners..

But , i dont really think , if you meant so , that someones ability to transmit knowledge is the same as the knowledge itself the person has...

I think its healthy to question the laws of the world , if you have a purpose , and i do lots of questioning myself , but on this topic , do i have any remote hope of knowing the true?....

I think not.

My respect to you and the rest of the board.

Plus KI!.

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