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joeysola wrote:

How does aikido prepare you for an unavoidable fight?

What do you do if some one is itting on top of you and is punching at your face?
Or what if you have to deal with someone who actual knows how to use combinations in their strikes. Some of you have said that Aikido works very well against multiple attackers, how is that if aikido cannot match up one on one?
first, Aikido allows you to build a set of reflexs that are very good at getting you out of the way of whatever attack is coming at you. Meaning in a lot of cases you aren't going to be ON the ground with someone sitting on top of you punching you and quite likely at the same time you were moving out of the way of the attacker who tried to put you on the ground, you put THEM on the ground and away from you.

That's general

Second in answer to your intense need to know exactly how it's going to work in any given situation the answer is that totaly depends on the people in the situation. Everyone's reflexs are different. You're not trying to learn a set of moves that you remember how to do for a specific situation, you're programing your body to react. What you do if someone throws a punch at your face is totaly different that what I will do.

What I suggest you do is go to a dojo and join the classes. For a couple years. and dont complaine that karate would be much faster either. Both aikido and karate might be martial arts but comparing how fast you'll move forward in one to how fast you'll move forward in the other is a lot like saying you can learn to swim in 3 lessons so you should be able to learn how to do olympic diving in 3 lessons too.

you started the thread by stating that it didn't work at all. It however does. You based your observations on a friend who doesn't seem that experienced and on watching a couple classes. You haven't based them on any real experience of your own. But since you seem to be still interested...this thread has been going on for quite a while now and you're still reading it...I really think you'd do yourself a bigger favor to go get out on the mat, practice with people, ask your what ifs of some experienced people and maybe even try some of the moves you dont think Aikido will work against on some of the more experienced people and move forward from there.

Might also go to the aikido faq site and read through some of the experiences from people discussing exactly how their aikido did work in an irl situation as well.

Kelly Christiansen

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