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Dear Brian,

Your story makes me mad, reminds me too of the time I got attacked. People came up to me later and said they heard me screaming but didn't do anything. So my first advise to anyone, whether or not they take a martial art, is this -- if you are attacked or get into an altercation or fight, don't expect anyone to come help you. In the vast majority of cases they won't! Expect that you'll have to tough it out on your own, and depending on the situation, that perhaps the guy might have ‘friends' in the vicinity who might enjoy pounding you to a pulp. Yeah, randori sounds like it would be preferable, but don't rely on your running away skills either, I tried running away 4-5 times away from my attacker (he kept running away too until he saw nobody was coming around to investigate the screaming) but his legs were longer and he kept catching up with me. Maybe I should join a track club or something, to stay in better shape. But in that as well, there's always someone else in better shape (for instance, any potential attacker who sizes me up and believes he can easily dominate -- chances are he's correct).
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