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When I was 17 I got into a pretty bad fight. I was walking along the beach one evening, the "hang out" back then, when I was surrounded and taunted by 5 intoxicated college kids. There was no way I could run, no place to hide. I remember getting punched in the face, and I went blank from there. I do remeber thinking to myself to get into a ball and cover my head. They punched and kicked me like it was a game.

They broke 2 ribs, my nose, my cheekbone and gave me one heck of a black eye and swollen lip and I had a concusion.

People watching were to intimidated to do anything...

After they let up and searched my wallet for money, and stole my shoes, I ran as fast as I could to the nearest hotel, called the cops and drove home.

When the police came to my home I told them I had no idea who the kids were, and I couldn't give good discriptions because it was night time and it had happend so fast. I just wanted to get home, I wasn't worried about sticking around to point them out.

The police officer told me that they couldn't help me because I was hiding information. He than gave me a speach on wasting a cops time and how getting back at them by myself wasn't going to solve anything. This made me furious.

I had no intention of helping the kids stay out of trouble, getting revenge or anything. I had no clue who they were. The officer didn't believe me. I just wanted justice/ help/ an explanation for what had just happened.

Thats why I take Aikido. I never want to feel so intimidated or scared that I can't react. The humility and pain reach unbearable levels when something like that happens. I never want to feel that way again. I dont want to have to walk around in fear of a constant fight either. I just want to train my body to react and let the brain think later as im running away from the danger.

I guess most think learning a martial art would be like me walking around as an undercover man of justice. Waiting for some random act of violence to occur so you could show the attacker a lesson. Let them know they picked on the wrong random person.

Randori sounds alot more pleasing than rolled up in a ball at your attackers mercy. But I'm not sure how rational that would be.

Just my thoughts.

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