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Bryan Siekierko (aikido_fudoshin) wrote:
It was in "Aikido Shugyo" that the 70% atemi comment was made. Shioda states that this percentage applies when your life is threatened and faced with multiple attackers. In a situation like this you will often not have much time to perform a throw, or a lock therefore a quick and powerful blow is a necessity. He also states that when dealing with a drunk you will probably want to use a locking technique. Just as it was previously stated, atemi depends on the situation at hand.
Last year at the Aiki Expo we were sitting at breakfast with Goldsbury Sensei chatting about various subjects and this one came up. He stated that the number isn't 70% or 90% but 100%. At this point I agree with him.

Saotome Sensei said that if one knew that the opponent wouldn't strike him, ALL techniques would be stoppable. In other words whether you see the atemi or not, the need to keep ones energy evenly distributed and not narrowly focused on defeating a particular technique is what allows you to do technique in which the atemi contained within stays inplicit rather than becoming explicit.

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