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Grr! Beyond Frustration


This is my official first post - since I've been browsing the forums for quite some time now, I thought I'd drop on in.

I've only been training for about 3 weeks, at 2 hours per session, 3 sessions a week. My problem is with forward rolls. A week and a half ago, while trying to learn rolls I bruised up my shoulder (blades) really good. My left side is still sore, but my right is up and groovy again. I had it x-rayed, everything's fine, just sore.

I know that I'm super, super new and everything takes time, but I hate sitting out when everyone is out there rolling like butter, even the other white belts - it feels like I'm holding others back, or taking "too long" to learn something.

Advice? It's incredibly frustrating not being able to roll properly (especially on my left side where I'm instinctively putting my right hand down as well to protect my shoulder).

Shall I just quit my whining?
Thanks for the listen.
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