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Kevin Wilbanks
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My inclination is to trust the feedback that my body offers. If something happens that hurts really badly, and there is prolonged, extreme residual soreness and even inhibition of normal function due to pain, I don't think I need a guru or an anatomy degree to tell me that it's something to avoid. This is one of my objections to reliance upon vital or pressure point techniques - I'd rather just keep it mostly mechanical. Even if the long term consequences are "only" some kind of permanent throbbing pain in my forearm or loss of sensory capacity in some fingers, it still seems unacceptable to me. Aside from practical considerations, the implications of any permanent localized numbness on a lifetime of lovemaking are enough to keep me away from unnecessary risks. Screw that. I'm willing to put up with my share of pain, as Aikido is an ascetic discipline, but when anything strays into the realm of persistent pain of permanent damage I step back and reassess the situation.
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