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Hello i'm spanish aikido's student,sorry for my bad english.

About of this post,i'm think that the answer to the atemi in aikido there is in the fundator Ueshiba's book BUDO,becuse it's legacy for the study of aikido.

it's the most important file over the aikido for stundet that "open his mind's eye"

There are in the book some photograpy of Ueshiba's atemis art,there are more of one atemi for page,it include text for the ensinament of where used atemi in the body's partner.

You can said me that this text is before to the war,it's true but in the book there are photograpy of wakayama time over 1951 whit terribel atemi of old Ueshiba.

This is one of the foundator's legacy for the aikido we don't forget it.Buy you the book over other text of aikido,it is going to be necesary more times for own study to the atemi and more..."open you mind eye".

A lot of salutes of Spain.

PD:more intersting page of foro in spain

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