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You never met the guy, you had no emotional connection with him, you, in fact, have closer ties to your landlord. You just got a day off from busting your butt, going home dirty and getting worn out physically
I totally disagree with this statement. I dont see how anyone could relate the senshusei course to job?!??! The senshusei course is more than learning how to fight, its about personal growth, and self discovery. Gozo Shioda contributed to many peoples lives in Japan and around the world. He even continues to do so today because of the way he taught Aikido and because his perspectives on life. You dont have to know someone to form an emotional attachment, it can be done indirectly. Those that followed his teachings and have taken it to heart will have an attachment towards him. Gozo Shioda was more than a "boss", he was their teacher and I would hope everyone in Yoshinkan Aikido would respect him for what he has given to their lives. There is a totally different relationship between a boss and a teacher. Robert Twigger has the right to have his own feelings about this, but he should have some respect for those who did care.
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