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Paul Sanderson-Cimino wrote:
He basically bitched about having to work hard, and complained about "Yoshinkai brainwashing". ... okay, he should have expected as much from such an intensive program, but I suppose I might be irritable too after so much work.
Interestingly I didn't take it this way. I suspect that not everyone likes boot camp although it has a purpose.
The bit where he says he was happy Shioda-sensei died because he got a week off of training is just /atrocious/. I don't care if he's "joking". It's horrible to say something like that about /anyone/, and especially about someone who by most accounts was a good person. It just makes this guy sound scummy.
Again I took it differently. Imagine working at a company. You've never met the president of the company. You bust your butt everyday, go home dirty, beat up with numerous small injuries and fall asleep immediately upon going home only to wake up and repeat it the next day. One day you show up and the president of the company has died.

You get a day off from getting your ass kicked!

You never met the guy, you had no emotional connection with him, you, in fact, have closer ties to your landlord. You just got a day off from busting your butt, going home dirty and getting worn out physically.

Hell yes you might feel a bit of elation. You just got a reprieve.

Cmon guys, he didn't dance on his grave. He just related his feelings honestly.
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