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Chris Gee (Kensai) wrote:
Thanks for all the suggestions. So the idea would be in line with the priciples of Katsu Hayai, would be to take the first strike and deal with it there and then. Would it be possible to follow the leading attack strait back to the shoulder then do something like a Tenkan Kokyu nage?

Dave I notice you study Ki Aikido? Would this be the Ki Aikido created by Sensei K Williams. Its just that I am lucky enough to be his wife's student and a student under him sometimes.
The issue of "de-ai" or timing gets really interesting. Some of the practice that I have done emphasized the need to go beyond mere fast reaction to a perceived attack. The idea is to perceive the instant that the attacker makes the DECISION to attack. You can feel this being done when you train with the really great teachers. You have no sooner begun to initiate your attack and you can feelk that they have already moved and that your attack is already nuetralized. When you take ukemi from someone at this level you often feel as if your ability to be a good uke is compromised. You are left with the desire to be able to say "I am sorry. Can I try that one again?" It is very disconcerting but after a while you realize that it isn't your attacks that are bad, it's that they have been defeated just as they started to take place.

This is another side of the whole issue of enetring.

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