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Peter A Goldsbury (Peter Goldsbury) wrote:
Ah, Edward, so you were taught by the Jesuits. So was I. I am sorry that they did not take such pains with your education as I would have done. I would have let you read Nietzsche and much else besides.

Anyway, you should plan to come to Japan at an early date and come especially to western Japan, where Peter R and myself live.

I am sure we could arrange a very good training schedule for you, one that Fukakusa Shihan would be very happy with.

Thanks very much. I hope to be able to visit your dojo in the near future, and I certainly do plan to visit Japan as soon as I can save the necessary funds. I am looking forward to some hard training, as well as the beer and the onsen that Peter suggested

As for the Jesuits, I'm afraid they really weren't very successful in my education, even though they are quite notorious for their disciplinary system. Glad to hear that you too passed through the same ordeals, Dr. Goldsbury
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