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Re: Re: Chain Punching.

George S. Ledyard wrote:
At the Aiki Expo last year many people were fortunate enough to attend classes with Ushiro Sensei in which he talked about and demonstrated the principle of kokyu. His emphasis on this was indentical to the way in which I understand it to be used in Aikido.

He consistently emphasized that with proper use of kokyu, the entry placed one in a position, in one movement, from which no other strike from the opponent was possible.
I was fortunate enough to have attended a seminar by Ikeda Sensei last month and he demonstrated much the same thing. At the instant the attack began, he was already inside and it was over. Very impressive to say the least. The key to it seemed to be reading the attackers intentions and moving when he decided to move. When we practiced the technique and I was uke, I found it was extremely disconcerting to have my attack short circuited that way. I would just start to throw a punch and then I'd be admiring the lighting fixtures in the ceiling! It seems to be an extremely effective way to deal with almost any attack if you are good (sensitive?) enough to pull it off.
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