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Edward Karaa (Edward) wrote:
This reminds me when I was still a student at a famous Jesuit high-school in Lebanon. I went to the school library to borrow Nietzsche's book "beyond good and evil". When I showed the book form to the friar in charge, he told me: "I cannot allow you to read this book, my son, because you will loose your Christian faith if you read it". Nothing I said could change his mind.

I then went to buy the book from a local bookshop, and read it. I forgot to mention to the friar that time that my Christian faith was gone long time before I read the book. Anyhow, I found the book quite boaring, except for a few remarquable statements about religion and women. I certainly couldn't find anything that would make me loose my faith....
Ah, Edward, so you were taught by the Jesuits. So was I. I am sorry that they did not take such pains with your education as I would have done. I would have let you read Nietzsche and much else besides.

Anyway, you should plan to come to Japan at an early date and come especially to western Japan, where Peter R and myself live.

I am sure we could arrange a very good training schedule for you, one that Fukakusa Shihan would be very happy with.


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