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Bryan Siekierko (aikido_fudoshin) wrote:
I know two people that were in the senshusei course with Robert Twigger, they are both my sensei's. They both have the same opinion on the book, and on Robert Twigger. They both feel they were poorly portraited in the book. I am basing my understanding of the book and Robert Twigger upon what they told me, and I have no reason to doubt anything they say since they are both intelligent, whole hearted, and truthful people. I have no reason to doubt them or the experience they had with Robert Twigger. They arent the only ones with this view either.
This reminds me when I was still a student at a famous Jesuit high-school in Lebanon. I went to the school library to borrow Nietzsche's book "beyond good and evil". When I showed the book form to the friar in charge, he told me: "I cannot allow you to read this book, my son, because you will loose your Christian faith if you read it". Nothing I said could change his mind.

I then went to buy the book from a local bookshop, and read it. I forgot to mention to the friar that time that my Christian faith was gone long time before I read the book. Anyhow, I found the book quite boaring, except for a few remarquable statements about religion and women. I certainly couldn't find anything that would make me loose my faith....

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