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I believe Twigger didnt train in Aikido before going through the senshusei course.
I don't think he claimed too. Except for the brief stint in the regular classes before starting the course.
It seems as though he had no desire to become an Aikidoka
I don't think he makes a secret of that in his book. Aikido was basically something that he and his friends decided to do to get them off the couch (as I remember it). I can't count the number of people who have come into our dojo in my short time there looking for "something to keep them active". They have no idea what aikido is or what it's about. Some fall in love with it and stay but most drop out.
It seems as though he went into the course with a frame of mind focusing on survival and not focusing on learning and self discovery.
I'd agree. From what I rememeber he was just trying to get through it in order to show himself that he could. He needed to challenge himself to do something difficult and the senshusei course was what he used. For him just finishing was far more important than becoming a good aikido practitioner. Again, we've had many people come into the dojo because they had heard that aikido is difficult to learn and they want/need to challenge themselves. They have no particular love of aikido they just want to push themselves toward some goal. Most leave when they find out the "goal" in our practice is more practice.
I have absolutely no intention of reading the book.
That's too bad. You should read it and form your own opinions. You may be in a unique position to understand/refute things in the book with your background knowledge.

All in all I liked the book. I read it understanding that it was written by someone who took the course looking for something difficult to challenge himself with, not neccessarily to learn aikido.


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