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Drew Ames (jxa127) wrote:
I like your example for tenchi nage. The thing is, I can see a strike to the face, in the manner you describe, as fitting into both of the categories. So I guess that atemiwaza needn't be fitted neatly into one category or the other.
I agree entirely, Drew, the boundaries are blurred.

In fact tenchi nage (aigamaeate) is most often practiced with the strike to the face in Shodokan dojos, and definitely fits into that second category as the strike's usually done in a 'low impact' kind of a way. (If a 'low impact' strike makes sense - maybe its a blending thing.)

There are some animated GIF's of Prof. Tomiki's five basic 'atemi waza' techniques here and here, if it helps to make sense of what I'm waffling on about.

The essay I quoted from was mainly concerned with Prof. Tomiki's efforts to develop a safe system of 'competitive' randori, so I think the point of making that distinction was to classify which atemi can safely be allowed in competition and which can only be practiced in regular 'cooperative' training.

Ellis Amdur's course sounds interesting. He was over here not so long ago, but work commitments kept me from going. Looks like I missed out.




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