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Mike Collins
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Martial artists are a decent bunch.

It never crosses the mind that many (virtually all of them that I saw in my younger days in crappy bars) fights start with someone "copping a Sunday" on someone else. More often than you'd expect, that is the snd of things, one guy struts away, one wakes up in a minute or two, and goes home cause he's just been beat up and suddenly realizes he's really drunk.

Sometimes the one getting Sunday'd gets wind of the intent and cops a Sunday of his own, or at least engages an opponent who is hoping to get this over quick, so he can get back to his beer, his toothless girlfriend and his buddies and tell the latest epic of his many conquests.

With a relatively few exceptions, fights start cause someone has crossed the line over to stupidity. Usually this is the result of acute alcohol/stupidity potion abuse.

I quit drinking 15 years ago, and in all of that time, the only time I've had any need for martial ability was when some DRUNK came into my home.

I guess the point is, No- Aikido probably doesn't work in a fight. If I'm stupid enough to get into a fight willingly, I'll probably be too stupid to apply any of the principles in which I've trained. Aikido does work quite well in many situations where someone else wants to fight, and I let them change their minds before it gets physical. Aikido served me quite well when it was necessary to restrain someone from hurting me or my family.

Aikido is way more about changing the way you live than making me a dumass fighting machine. Doing what needs doing, whatever that may be, in the moment, is way more desirable to me than learning how to kick some butt. Where would I use that skill?
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