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Jonathan Hay (Jonathan) wrote:
They all commented that it was difficult to take aikido seriously when it is represented by someone, billed as a "master", whose training was not sufficient to prevent such obesity. On my part, I know nothing of Furuya sensei's training so could not counter these comments. An unfortunate, but not unexpected, reaction to Furuya sensei, I think.
Hi Jon,

I believe I've got a counter for you. Weight control research over the past two decades or so has shown that regardless of diet or level of physical fitness, a person will generally stay within the same weight range throughout their life due to genetic factors. Which explains why many people, despite keeping up a healthy and active lifestyle, remain "overweight". If you're interested in learning more about it, look up "Set-Point Theory". It's a widely-accepted explanation of the process that the body goes through to maintain it's genetically-predetermined weight range, and you'll undoubtably find more info using those keywords.

I also agree that the reaction to Furuya sensei was probably not unexpected, which makes it a pretty sad reflection on the superficiality of our society. It's a shame that a person's skill would not be taken seriously merely because of their physical appearance. Hehehe...from what I recall of that book you lent me, Terry Dobson wasn't exactly that fit-looking a guy either!


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