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Re: How physical do techniques need to be?

Kaitlin Costello (KaitlinCostello) wrote:
How physical do techniques need to be?

Okay? I?ve spent most of the night and morning mulling over my last few practice sessions. I have mainly two problems have sprung up. Uke?s who do not keep contact with me when I am moving through my technique, and one Uke who is simply too rough on me.

Hi Kate,

Most of the responses so far have focused on the uke who is too rough on you. I'd like to address your other concern: ukes who don't keep contact with you as you do technique.

When I have that problem, there are usually two causes, often at the same time: (1) I am moving too quickly, thereby breaking the connection, and/or (2) uke simply does not continue the attack.

The answer for me in both cases is to slow down a bit and make more deliberate movements -- really study the motion. I try to lead uke with very a distinct motion and keep the connection. This tends to cure both the reluctent uke and overzelous nage problems.


Drew Ames

-Drew Ames
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