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Dave Dean
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I have to say that, as questionable as Discovery Channel stuff can be (don't get me started on their Egyptology programs!) -- seeing that segment is one of the catalysts that pushed me toward getting started.

My roommate started last September and has been very enthusiastic -- but you have to *see* Aikido, nobody can *describe* it for you. I had this idea that it was "like Judo" but with more mumbo-jumbo. I was picturing tons of breakfall practice, grappling, getting leverage, etc. like the YMCA Judo classes I took as a kid. Which just isn't very interesting to me anymore. I don't want to *struggle* with people, that's too much like my job.

Getting to actually see Aikido sparked my interest enough to watch one of my roommate's classes, which really helped me see what it is that makes Aikido special. As a result, I'm starting with the next beginners' group in April

So it's sort of that "any publicity is good publicity" thing.

Besides, after that segment on "Combat Ki", Aikido looked very, very good

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