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I think you may be overemphasizing the specificity aspect of some elements of football training. Most weight protocols aren't that specific to football movements, and the purpose of them is often to develop general attributes.
What I meant was that a football player should weight train with an eye towards football. While a football player may incorporate squats, I don't believe that they would adopt a powerlifting protocal, since football players aren't judged on a one rep max in the squat. Neither would a football player incorporate a multi-workout bodybuilding split for weight training either, since football games aren't determined by a group pose-down.

Anecdotally, The Renegades have had great success with improving their client's performance. They are known, collectively, to have very demanding work protocals (averaging 1 1/2 - 2 hours per day, everyday).

When you get a chance, post what your impressions are of their training protocals.


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