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I think another physiological reason a pro football player spends a small amount of time on weights is that such training brings diminishing returns when one nears one's potential. By the time they reach the NFL, they are probably all within 5 or 10% of their maximum potential in terms of raw strength, speed, etc... However, if you took some 160 pound guy off the street and decided to prepare him for the NFL, and he had the potential to become stronger by, say 200%, what would be the training focus?

It's useful to take a look at Soviet Russian training methods during the periods when they were about 20 years ahead of the US, and dominating the world in international athletics, despite having a very narrow genetic stock to choose from. On average, they conditioned their athletes for 3 full years on general training protocols (weights, gymnastic moves, running, etc...) before introducing any specific skill training in their sport, or even any elements of training specificity.

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