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To me, humility is thinking about other people's feelings and concerns as you go
through you daily routine. I don't think this means to cater to everyone around
you, rather to be aware that they have feelings as human as we all do. As well, to
be humble is to move forward in life as a person who realizes that there is
something to be learned from everyone and everything, and that no human's life is
more or less valuable than another's. To educate the misinformed, but in a
compassionate way. To aid those in need, and to care for all fellow people,
regardless of their dispositions. This is the challenge of being human. At least in
my humble opinion it is

-When two blades cross points,
There's no need to withdraw.
The master swordsman
Is like the lotus blooming in the fire.
Such a person has inside of them
A heaven soaring spirit.
- Tozan Ryokan
4th verse on the 5 ranks
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