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Niadh wrote:
Sorry, this is a pet peeve here. Just a clarification. Real fights now do not involve automatic pistols. If you are in the states, the gun laws of 1968 ( I think that is the right one) essentially elimated AUTOMATIC weapons from the hands of people, (i.e not the govt.) You may indeed be refering to SEMI-automatic pistols. I know this may seem a small point, but it is sort of like calling a tanto a katana, or a twin turbopro plane, a jet.
Thanks for the rant.

And you assume that because it's made illegal by law that nobody will have or use one? P-L-E-A-S-E !! Yea, real fights DO include fully auto firearms. If you don't believe this make a trip down to Miami........ or wait, is that still a part of the US? Oops, my bad!

Dan P. - Mongo
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