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Kevin Wilbanks
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I'm with Paul on this one. It is a simple and sensible code for protecting one's long-term health and well-being. Speaking of which, I have to comment on this:
Kaitlin Costello (KaitlinCostello) wrote:
Rest is good… I do intend to rest, but doing will not clear up my physical issue's. The only thing I can do is to continue training and work through the pain in my joints. Had my training partner had any idea of how irritated my shoulder was, he probably would not have pinned my arm back so hard.
Among people I am aware of who think like this, many have had seriously debilitating injury problems at way too young an age, inhibiting not only their Aikido or sport, but their day to day lives. 'Pushing through' an injury, particularly in a joint, is a good way to end up with life long chronic pain problems and reduced functioning. Leave that to top athletes who are getting paid millions to abuse themselves, or who are willing to sacrifice for the glory of a medal or championship title. If you have that much pain, you should rest it, seek help with rehabilitative and preventative conditioning, or at the very least mark the body part with tape and clearly state your special limitations to each training partner. Think long term.
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