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I generally stress the issue of control when training. That is, nage should be in control of the situation and given unforseen incidents is responsible for the care of the uke. I have seen too many injuries occur due to assuming everyone has the same joint flexibility or ability to withstand forceful technique. Some have to work with their arms and hands for a living and injuries can affect their livelihoods. The worst case scenario is generally the mix of adrenaline and testosterone. To injure someone, especially through ego, lack of control or on purpose states something about one's character and compassion for fellow practitioners. To me, it also reflects badly on my instruction and I simply do not tolerate it. During testing, if I see concerns I will warn the person to get under control. If it continues, I stop the test before someone gets injured and they can test again when they learn to be centered and control the technique.

I realize some uke's will get injured no matter what is done to protect them. However, an environment of fear does not enhance training.

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