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How physical do techniques need to be?

How physical do techniques need to be?

Okay… I've spent most of the night and morning mulling over my last few practice sessions. I have mainly two problems have sprung up. Uke's who do not keep contact with me when I am moving through my technique, and one Uke who is simply too rough on me.

So my question, my torture really, is how physical should the techniques be?

The way I currently interpret aikido is something along the lines of : We are all on the mat to learn and to learn in a safe environment. The safe environment things is paramount for me, as I've taken steps back, instead forward since last night. Second, Aikido is about trusting your partner to take care of you and vice versa.

Admittedly I am head shy and skittish and thus require patience from those Nage and Uke with me. Generally my training partners are understanding of this and work with me slowly. All save for one, who "does not play well with beginners." He moved too fast for me and once again hurt me. To top things off he applied a full bar to my elbow and cranked my shoulder and wrist way too far. I understand that he is more advanced then me, but really there is no need to break me!

With a beginner like me, why be so physical? If I blink and I'm twisted up on the ground , there is no way I'm going to learn the technique that bloody fast. My attitude concerning actually stepping onto the mat has changed-- I want to train , but there is the nagging fear of being hurt again. I feel like all the confidence that I had has suddenly evaporated.

I don't mean to complain… I'm trying to make sense of the mistakes at both ends. I screwed up in not properly conveying that my shoulder and wrist were still injured and not putting down a firm enough boundary. But somehow I feel like there is more I did wrong…

Anyway I am curious to hear thoughts and opinion on the physicality of Aikido techniques, whether it be too much or too little.


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