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Following a recent aikido course I was interested by the instructor saying he did not like to use words such as 'ki' because it has so many meanings and is easily misunderstood. It definately rang a chord with me (not that I would say I fully understand it - but people use it to mean different things). Instead he used the word 'attitude', as in positive attitude.

Do you think we should shed off some of the more dubious beliefs and belief systems attatched to aikido to find the true practise? (or even translate it more effectively ot a western approach).

I understand many people do aikido for spiritual reasons, however it is an art of war (martial art) to me - and it is only through this relationship with the violent and killing aspects (of yourself or your opponent) which seems to offer this spiritual aspect to me.

Does anyone support (or refute) the view that too much spiritualisation of aikido turns it into a mystical and unreal martial art? (and also detracts from the physical realities of self-defence).

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