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I hate all the esoteric rubbish that often attatches to aikido. I can understand that there are some things which science cannot at present explain - but that doesn't mean I'm going to believe everything anyone tells me. I always think you have to be dubious until you experience something yourself.

Mysticism and strange religious beliefs are all too often used to subdue others. Through the pretense of extraordinary powers, one can try to hold sway over other people. I think as sensible Aikidoists/Aikidoka, we should focus only on the reality of Aikido.

I've never experienced any magical aspects of aikido - when a technique works it is from precise technique (through years of training) and a positive attitude (through mental discipline). I think an attatchment to mysticism can lead to self-delusion, whereby we believe ourselves to be more powerful than we are - and maybe try to convince others the same.

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