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Les Kelso
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Re: unfair

Ron Marshall (ronmar) wrote:
Its often not that way at all. Its just hard to get a contentious point across to an audience who are used to thinking in a particular way. Its obvious that if you are a regular on aikiweb then you adhere to its standard views and beliefs. Hence the common resurfacing of old arguements without any recourse to new thinking. I, for one, tried aikido and didn't enjoy it. Lots of other people seem to have a familiar experience and are harshly attacked and driven away. Why always attack them and not question yourselves? Aikido is the most questioned 'martial' art on the internet. Why is this? None of the same old #$% please.

I understand what Ron is saying...too bad we lost him...

most of the time when a school loses a student it's because the instructor cannot communicate on different levels. a good teacher reaches many levels, not just his favorites or the 'class act' aikidoka. forums are extremely useful for just such purposes as what Ron is expressing..

For me personally most of you know the Aiki web forum was responsible for a considerable amount of prayer and even financial assistance via an awesome raffle in which Aikidoka from several countries participated.

Through the forum my wife and I have learned the incredible reach of the aikiweb.

for instance, a gentleman from hong kong whom we have never met (but would like to someday), out of sympathy and love sent a $500 dollar donation to the Barbara Bowen Medical Fund.

The Forum has sparked many many conversations and debates with aikidoka at our dojo.

As in any open debate or forum though, as I'm sure most of you know, there is always one or two who have to be taken with a LARGE grain of salt...

Keep up the stimulus!
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