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Christian Boddum (ChristianBoddum) wrote:
Thanks a lot Jay !!

By the way does anybody know if jujinage

qualifies as a kokyunage ?

I've been looking around a little,I think

the reverse tenkan with a grab in the neckcollar may be called a tenkanho -

a choke could be called shime but I'm not sure it's precise enough.
The basic problem with your question is that terminology varies quite a lot from place to place and style to style.

Where I train, we dont use the term "kokyunage", and I can tell you from my early attempts to find out what it means that almost *any* technique qualifies as a kokyunage to somebody somewhere. (If you throw somebody, and you're breathing, voila! )

The reverse tenkan collar grabby thing would, I think, be called "ushiroate" in my dojo. I can pretty much guarantee that isn't the name your instructor uses for it.

The choke/strangle probably is called something or other shime/jime. But that isn't normally considered an aikido technique, so maybe the name you're looking for is borrowed judo terminology.

I'm not sure I understood your description, but it sounded like it could be juji-jime, or maybe hadakajime. (They're very different techniques, but your description kind of could have been either, if you see what I mean.)

I realise that was no help at all.


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