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You're right there is the other side of this forum which I try to avoid. Those people who come onto the web with the intent to flame others. The, I'm write your wrong, and because you're wrong I can mock and ridicule your beliefs. These are often the same people who leave out most of their profile items blank, and use a handle rather than their name.
Its often not that way at all. Its just hard to get a contentious point across to an audience who are used to thinking in a particular way. Its obvious that if you are a regular on aikiweb then you adhere to its standard views and beliefs. Hence the common resurfacing of old arguements without any recourse to new thinking. I, for one, tried aikido and didn't enjoy it. Lots of other people seem to have a familiar experience and are harshly attacked and driven away. Why always attack them and not question yourselves? Aikido is the most questioned 'martial' art on the internet. Why is this? None of the same old #$% please.

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