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crystalwizard wrote:
And regardless of how much you want to believe in the ability of a human being to perform incredible feats, you'll never find one that can walk out a 6th story window and walk on air or fly away, not even if they, and you and everyone in the city firmly believes with total conviction that they can. Gravity is a law that can only be broken by specific scientific means and human beings are not endowed with those means. A man could strap on a jetpack and fly away, or a hang-glider but he wont be doing it by himself.

O'sensei probably did some pretty impressive things and no one's saying he didn't but in the end he was still human and there's a limit to what any human body can actualy do.

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as I was saying.....where does this technology come from? Where does this science come from? Sure we can explain it scientifically.......go any further than that though, and there is no reason why a plane can fly....or a jetpack can.........why is it not possible to eliminate the intermediate and do it ourselves? I'm not saying I go out there blindly following everything that is said, as everyone I can really only believe what is proven to me or that I see with my own eyes, but I don't put down the idea that it is possible. And until someone proves to me that it isn't, I'll still see it that way.
I'm not talking about deifing o'sensei or thinking of him as a god......he was a man, but a man who was in touch with the universe, so who's to say what can and can't be possible? Why do you study Aikido? Ai- harmony ki-universe do-way (I know you all know what it means) harmony with the universe...that's why I do we are lucky to be human and have this incredible form of intelligence and mind......I intend to use mine, or at least try and figure it out.

But maybe I'm crazy or stupid....but I'd much rather search for something more, or maybe it's less....than work! hehe

by the way, very interesting thread.

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