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shadow wrote:
why be sceptical?
Because, in my mind, you can't not be skeptical.

In your aikido training, have you ever been fooled into thinking something "worked" when, in truth, it didn't? I have. These days, I'm a bit more skeptical about things and very much prefer being able to "test out" the subject (usually the teacher) so I can feel it for myself.

This is not to say that "incredible" things aren't out there. Have you ever been thrown around by one finger? Or been thrown into breakfalls from ikkyo? Or been pinned from just the weight of a hand? I have. Before, I was skeptical that such things could happen, but now I know.

I think it's important to be skeptical in our training. Otherwise, we'll just end up believing every teacher, swallowing tall tales, and being mislead in our training and our lives...

Just my thoughts,

-- Jun

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