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shadow wrote:
why be sceptical?
who's to say what is possible, the human mind is an amazing thing. Nature is an amazing thing.......this basing everything down to science and thinking
everything has some kind of scientific explanation, or that it is not possible to master your mind in such a way that you can perform exceptional feats is a
very closed minded view in my opinion.
So in my opinion, yes it is a very real chance that o'sensei was able to perform such amazing things, but if you are able to, what is the need to demonstrate other than to prove something to yourself, and if you can already, why do you need to prove it to yourself?
Because O'Sensei, regardless of the kind of physical shape he was in, was still a human being and the human body does have limits. An athlete in excellent physical shape can jump quite high, but not 5 stories. Not even 1 story. they need a pole for that. It's possible to dodge missles moving at a fast velocity and
considering the tech level of firearms in his day it's probably quite possible that he dodged bullets but NOT so fast that he appeared to fast that the human eye could not detect his moving. Human beings CANT do that.
yes, you can sit at a keyboard and type and your message appear instantly half way around the your perception. But even though the message moves so fast you can't detect the length of time it takes, it still takes time and regardless of how fast you personaly can type, you will NEVER be able to type so fast that your fingers can not be detected to be moving while entire pages of text magicaly appear on your screen.

And regardless of how much you want to believe in the ability of a human being to perform incredible feats, you'll never find one that can walk out a 6th story window and walk on air or fly away, not even if they, and you and everyone in the city firmly believes with total conviction that they can. Gravity is a law that can only be broken by specific scientific means and human beings are not endowed with those means. A man could strap on a jetpack and fly away, or a hang-glider but he wont be doing it by himself.

O'sensei probably did some pretty impressive things and no one's saying he didn't but in the end he was still human and there's a limit to what any human body can actualy do.

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