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I've practiced Aikido for only 5 years in a dojo affiliated to ASU, whose head instructor is has been practicing Aikido under various instructors for a long time (40 years).

I passed my Ikkyu test last Dec, which made me very happy then, this ranks is registed in the ASU which hopefully means the Aikikai as well. On the other hand I doubt they would even care for a lowly mudansha

I don't know how to knock people out with pressure points, neither have I been knocked out by pp, nor have I seen this done at tje Dojo where I train.

Mike Lee: I'm very curious to know your background since you feel entitled to ask everyone to provide theirs. Since you write so much here and there, it would be nice to know why you feel so protective about Aikido, its reputation and the possible corruption of its members through exposure to ideas that could distract them from the "truth". AFAIK you don't make that information public; why?

BTW every seminar I've attended with Shihans, of the Japanese and non-japanese variety I'm confronted with the fact that I know squat about what Aikido is or isn't, though I may know a lot more than when I started.


one of the things I learned is that there's room enough for the good the bad the ugly and the arrogant (as well as the pious, the scholarly, the athletic, the badass, the fat stoners and the war criminals)

So, discussion tends to be interesting at least.

Alfonso Adriasola
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