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I saw both the "Top Ten" show on The Learning Channel and this one on Discovery Channel. Both were disappointing to me, but were good enough to get a general idea out there to the layman.

As for this particular show, I'd like to mention how so many people love to ask the question "Is Aikido combat practicle?" all the time and then you look at CombatKi and see these guys psyching themselves up to take a punch. Now, I ask you: which is more practicle??

As for the 6th Dan who demonstrated Aikido in this show, though he was very good at what he did... he used his center and ki so well he hardly touched the Uke and thus made it look WAY too easy and effortless and "fake". It should have been emphasised even more how much training he had to undergo to get where he is today.

Oh well, any attention Aikido gets is attention on "Us" and off of other MA's. I really think Aikido is headed into a new age. Really.

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