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Kevin Masters
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Josh Mason wrote:
I liked the Discovery channel's segment about Aikido. Sure, it was inaccurate in some things but really, how many times do you get to see something about Aikido on television? I was completely thrilled.

I was like "LOOK MOM AND DAD! That's AIKIDO! YEAH! That's some of the same stuff WE DO! Look at that IRIMINAGE! OOOH OOOH... THERE'S SHIHONAGE!!! YEAH ALRIGHT MAN!"
Me too!

Of course it was sensationalised because it was on Teevee. How many Aikido Dojos are actually built to replicate Shogun period palaces? And one of the Uke's almost crashed into the water cooler. Ow.

It was a nice change after seeing the guys punching that lady in the throat. CombatKi seems more like a college drinking game than a martial art to me. LOL

Isn't that how Houdini died?

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