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aikilouis wrote:
1- Concerning the near superhuman feats O-sensei is credited for, I advise you to watch his films : what you will see is incredible enough.
Although I agree that some of the footage is pretty interesting (like his holding off two or three people pushing perpendicularly against a jo that he's holding outstretched with one hand), there's also evidence in these films that he's very much human. Ever see the clip of him not being able to put on an effective shihonage on an MP on the roof of a building?
2- About the divine inspiration : Hikitsushi sensei, 10th dan and Shinto priest, received the spiritual teachings of O-sensei.
As did others.
For example, the dictatorship in power before WW2 could have made of him a perfect icon of traditional and martial values for propaganda purposes. Instead O-sensei stayed home.
I seem to remember that in his younger days, he went out to Mongolia and such with the Omotokyo folks to incite rebellions and such.
4- If you allow me a personal POV, I'd say that he actually was an enlightened person (in the Buddhic sense of the word), which gave him the ability to see through mere technique and build a complete set of spiritual values : Aikido.
Other people like Jigoro Kano also had the same kind of vision. To me, Morihei Ueshiba was very much a human with the same qualities and faults that any of us have. He ate, slept, went to the bathroom, and looked at members of the opposite sex. As such, I agree with people like Kelly and Ted above.

-- Jun

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