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1- Concerning the near superhuman feats O-sensei is credited for, I advise you to watch his films : what you will see is incredible enough. Morihei Ueshiba must be the best documented Budo master ever (through film, writings, living students...) thanks to many passionate people.
2- About the divine inspiration : Hikitsushi sensei, 10th dan and Shinto priest, received the spiritual teachings of O-sensei. Through his testimony, one can understand that 'deities' do not have the same meaning in Japanese and in Western languages. When O-sensei talked about learning from the kami, he doesn't mean to say he met a strange creature that showed him irimi ; he means that direct contact with deep nature (the yamabushi experience) and observation of its forces (water, wind, trees, rocks...)gave him a global vision of Budo and its place in the world.
3- About O-sensei seeking publicity for himself : though he never refused to demonstrate his art, he kept a dignified attitude towards temptations of self promotion. For example, the dictatorship in power before WW2 could have made of him a perfect icon of traditional and martial values for propaganda purposes. Instead O-sensei stayed home.
4- If you allow me a personal POV, I'd say that he actually was an enlightened person (in the Buddhic sense of the word), which gave him the ability to see through mere technique and build a complete set of spiritual values : Aikido.
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