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Paula Lydon wrote:
~~1) This isn't a standard part of Aikido training; there are other arts much more proficient in these techniques.
To me, this is one of the great unsolved mysteries of a particular poster who rants and raves about our deficiencies and how Morihei Ueshiba really grasped this stuff. If so, where is it in the mainstream teaching? Forgot, too secret to teach the masses.
~~2) Anyone who truely understood this sort of technique wouldn't randomly share that info. with an unknown entity on a website. Bad karma.
Sure they will, well, actually, ya gotta pony up $100 or whatever the going seminar rate is. I'm thinking they don't do background checks so the karma issue doesn't seem to matter much?
~~3) You're a writer--make it up!
Now there is a sound idea.
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