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Lightbulb Deleting O Sensei

crystalwizard wrote:
shrug. He was a man. A master at his craft and someone with a lot to offer. Like Mozart, Picasso, and other masters of other crafts. He wasn't a god and shouldn't be worshiped. But treated with deep respect? yes..well yes if the student of his life work finds any value in it that is.

using just a tad of common sense when reading the stories of his supposed feats, looking at what top athletes around the world can do and can't do .... it might be just a little eaiser to see the truth that was embelished in a lot of cases.
I just got through deleting a message to this forum because it (possibly) could be interpeted as showing O Sensei as a real person. Although I know the incident is accurate, I just didn't want to go though the hassle of being told that I was "disrespectful" of "Aikido" or "O Sensei".

There seems to be two approaches you can take towards understanding. You can take the non-thinking way and deify people like Morihei Ueshiba and cite authorities who agree with your viewpoint The other way is to use all your experiences and think about what is really going on. Don't take things on face value, but try and find out what really happened.

For myself, the thinking way is the hardest way and most reliable approach to understanding. A person should take Aikido seriously enough to not leave it to others.

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