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mike lee
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I smell a rat

In my opninion, this turns folks off unnessesarily. If someone asks a direct question, answer directly !

Sorry, Paula - no offense, this just hit a nerve. Have a good one.... And sorry to all for my rant.
This entire thread is turning me off. I really have to wonder how many people on this thread that are providing "answers" actually even practice aikido, and if so, under what internationally recognized organization. Hell I'd settle for a nationally recognized aikido organization or even a guy that has a legitimate aikido teacher.

If this non-sense is allowed to continue, the reputation of other aikido schools will be at stake as an indirect result. If somebody is claiming to be a legitimate aikido instructor and is not qualified to be one, I think that the aikido community and the public has a right to know.

When I find out the entire truth here, I will not hesitate to expose any fraudulant activity.
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