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"...but trying to tell any 'ol somebody on a website where the placement of this and that is in order to execute the technique, then no, I consider that irresponsible..."
This is done everyday on this and on other aikido websites. After all, all those that post here, for the most part, do not "know" everyone else - we are just people on a website who have never met (remember for the most part - I know some folks have met)

"...I wouldn't teach seriously harmful techs to someone who just wanted to kick-ass nor to children who haven't developed the necessary control/understand...."
Well, I guess we're different - I didn't assume his woman wanted to "kick-ass", nor did I assume she was a child. I figured she said who she said she was - a writer who needed help with research for a fictional charachter on a PAGE.

"...Besides, there are many books free for him to research--with pictures and everything!--that would get him further than asking this question on this site...."
This IS an aikido website - the "horses mouth" sort of speak.

This topic has made me think about how aikido people treat "outsiders". Someone comes in and asks a simple question, yet gets a bunch of answers unrelated to the question - and when someone gives a direct answer, someone has to object. This is not a secretive society.

Many examples are brought to my mind where someone who does not practice has asked an innocent question, and then is treated with disrespect or even insults. (NOTE - this insult comment NOT directed to this topic, but in examples brought to mind - OK maybe Mike Lee to John Riggs ). In my opninion, this turns folks off unnessesarily. If someone asks a direct question, answer directly !

Sorry, Paula - no offense, this just hit a nerve. Have a good one.... And sorry to all for my rant.

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