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Amazing how legends grow isn't it? heros of folk lore abound every where, most based on some real person and then embelished either because the teller misunderstood something, wanted to captivate an audience or other factors. Robin hood, King Arthur, Jonny appleseed, on and on. Did O'sensei leap tall buildings in a single bound? not likely, humans can leap well but at a certain point you need a pole to help you jump that high. Did he devote himself to perfecting what he considered a very important set of skills? definately. Could he dodge bullets? maybe...(gotta wonder how good the shooters were though).

shrug. He was a man. A master at his craft and someone with a lot to offer. Like Mozart, Picasso, and other masters of other crafts. He wasn't a god and shouldn't be worshiped. But treated with deep respect? yes..well yes if the student of his life work finds any value in it that is.

using just a tad of common sense when reading the stories of his supposed feats, looking at what top athletes around the world can do and can't do .... it might be just a little eaiser to see the truth that was embelished in a lot of cases.

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